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Joe Columbo- Vice President, Purchasing Executive

Joe Columbo, has been with Fulton Ferry Liquidators for 20 years. Joe started his career as the Plumbing and Electrical Sales Representative for Select Line Industries in Ohio.  After 5 years, he transferred to PMC Liquidators, tenuring an impressive 9 years as Vice President of Sales. In 1991, Joe partnered with Fulton Ferry Liquidators, and moved to New York.  As Vice President of Fulton Ferry Liquidators, Joe communicates in a way only attainable after years of experience with satisfied clients and customers throughout the Home and Hardware Industry. With his guidance, Fulton Ferry has solidified long standing relationships with some of the largest retail chains and manufacturers in the United States. 

Companies in need of excess and buyback solutions should contact Joe to discuss how to create an easy and satisfactory adjustment.